• 2018-05-04

    Italian visit at the usability lab

    Daria Tonetto from Italian InfoCert visiting the usability lab during a break in the CREDENTIAL project plenary meeting at Karlstad University in April 2018.

    InfoCert are conducting user evaluations on their LegalMail pilot demonstrator within the project, while Karlstad University develops and tests user interfaces for the general CREDENTIAL Wallet functions. In the photo, Bachelor students Felix Worén and Robin Nyzell demonstrates eyetracking setup they develop for KAU research student Farzaneh Karegar who makes her research within the CREDENTIAL project.

  • 2018-02-08

    Internships Spring 2018 in the Usability Lab

    This January, two students from the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart (DHBW-Stuttgart), Fabian Jaskotka and Kai Langenekert, joined the Usability Lab at Karlstad University. Fabian, from Hamburg, and Kai, from Backnang, have never been to Sweden before. They now stay in Karlstad for one semester and take the chance of making a 10 week long intern at our lab.

    Together with other students and supervision by John Sören Pettersson, they will be working with the Ozlab System and testing methodologies. Furthermore, new versions of Tobii eyetrackers have just arrived in the lab. This will enable many more possibilities for testing and can also be used together with Ozlab.

    After the 10 weeks in the Lab, Fabian and Kai are going to attend Business by Web and Web Analytics and General Project Management Methodology to finish off their semester here in Karlstad.

  • 2017-06-15

    Two presentations at ISD 2017, September 6th-8th

    This year’s International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD) is held in Larnaca, Cyprus between September 6th – 8th.

    Two contributions from the Usability lab:

    The article “Wizard of Oz in the Evolving Map of Design Research: Trying to Frame GUI Interaction Interview” by John Sören Pettersson, Malin Wik and Henrik Andersson presents and discusses GUI-ii based on Elisabeth Zanders four cardinal dimensions used to frame design practice and design research.

  • 2017-03-22

    Updated GUI for Ozlab and new version of the Ozlab manual

    During the winter and spring, a new graphical user interface for the web-based Ozlab have been launched. The new user interface allows the ‘wizard’ to build the shell more easily and Ozlab is also easier to manoeuvre in the ‘test runner mode’. The Ozlab manual has been updated to correspond with the new looks of the user interface.

    In order to increase the usability and to facilitate for the shell builder and wizard, a reorganisation of certain parts of Ozlab was required. Several of the implemented changes have been under investigation for a long period of time, see article here from 2015. The list of scenes and the various items are now gathered in the left column (see Figure 1).

  • 2017-03-21

    Two internships from DHBW Stuttgart in our usability lab

    The interns Manuel Gawert and Caroline Kayser are both studying their second year on the International Management for Business and Information Technology-programme at DHBW Stuttgart.

    During the first study period of this spring, they had their internship at the Information Systems Usability Laboratory where they worked updating the Ozlab manual, as the Shell builder now has a reallocated user interface.
    Manuel and Caroline also developed instructional videos on how to operate Ozlab, took part in several research projects, and had supervision sessions with Master students in how to use Ozlab.

    During the second study period, they take the Business by Web and Web Analytics course.

  • 2016-10-28

    Lou Hinterberg: Report about my internship at the Department of Information Systems


The Ozlab system accessed via a smartphone.