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Visit from Ericsson

News » 2012-09-05
Manfred Dasselaar and Neil Urqhart from Ericsson are visiting CTF August 5-6. They are here to meet with Lars Witell, professor and director of SISB, and Peter Magnusson, Associate professor and researcher in SISB, and to discuss our co-operation within the research profile Service Innovation for Sustainable Business (SISB). Read more about SISB here.  

Have a nice summer!

News » 2012-07-05
We wish you all a wonderful summer and a relaxing summer vacation! Patrik Larsson & Bo Edvardsson

Visit from A. Parasuraman

News » 2012-06-27
Today is A. ("Parsu") Parasuraman, Professor of Marketing & The James W. McLamore Chair School of Business Administration University of Miami, visiting CTF. He is here to discuss a Global Consortium of Service Centers initiative and to talk with some or our researchers. A. Parasuraman is a Professor and Holder of the James W.
Markus Fellesson has been promoted to Associate Professor in Business Administration at Karlstad University. His areas of research are on customer-, marketing and organization practice within the service sector. In addition to his research at CTF and Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University, he also teaches business administration at Karlstad Business School. Most of his research is conducted within Samot.

New partners

News » 2012-05-24
We are happy to welcome Karlstad Airport and Västra Götalands Region as a new partners in Samot, our Public Transport Research Group. We look forward to an exciting collaboration.

Meet our new Professor

News » 2012-05-04
Hello Per Kristensson, researcher at CTF! You have been promoted to Professor at Karlstad University. Can you tell us about your research?  - My area of research is in psychology and I look at how people, as customers or users think, feel and act when they buy goods and services from businesses.

Visit from ISS Hamburg

News » 2012-03-29
We welcome Andreas Zolnowski, Research Associate at the ISS International Business School of Service Management in Hamburg, Germany, who will be visiting CTF during March-April. Andreas joined the ISS International Business School after receiving his diploma in Business Informatics from the University of Duisburg-Essen. Supported by his supervisor Prof. Dr.
On March 12-14th Ph D students and reserarchers from The Research School Management and IT, MIT, meet for a conference at Karlstad University.
We are happy to welcome Stephen L. Vargo, Shidler Distinguished Professor and Professor of Marketing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who will be visiting us this week. Stephen L. Vargo was appointed as Visiting Professor at CTF in December 2011.
Self-service and customisation make your customers want to take part in producing goods and services. They are more appreciative of services they have personally participated in producing. Cost-conscious managers consider engaging customers to do part of a job in order to save costs. Market-oriented managers consider engaging customers to create increased customer-supplied assets. Why do we consider our own ideas and proposals as being better than others’?

New Ph D Student

News » 2012-03-01
Tobias Otterbring, former project assistant at CTF, is our latest Ph D Student in Psychology. He will focus on marketing strategies within retail, with a focus on mood marketing, how retail owners are communication with the senses of the customers.

New Ph D Student

News » 2012-01-31
  Tobias Otterbring is our new Ph D Student in Consumer Psychology. He will be studying different marketing strategies within retail.  He has previously worked as project assistant at CTF, and has studied psychology at Karlstad University. 
Visiting us during Thursday and Friday this week is Dr Thorsten Gruber from Manchester Business School, UK. Read more about Dr Gruber and Manchester Business School here. 
Maria åkesson defended her doctoral thesis "Role constellation in value co-creation" in Business Administration on December 15th at Karlstad University. Her thesis focuses on customer-employee role constellations during value co-creation. Abstract The contribution of the present thesis is describing and explaining how value is co-created by addressing customer-employee role constellations during service encounters.

CTF 25 years

News » 2011-12-16
CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University initiated the 25 year anniversary accompanied by lovely songs from the University choir SötLikör.
One of the world's leading researchers in marketing, Stephen L. Vargo, has been appointed as visiting professor at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. Stephen L. Vargo is a Shidler Distinguished Professor and Professor of Marketing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His primary areas of research are marketing theory and thought and consumers´ evaluative reference scales. He has been presented several awards for his research, for example the Harold H.

We welcome Tabea Huneke ...

News » 2011-10-25
... Ph D student from EBS Business School, Germany, who will be visiting us for the next seven weeks to meet our researchers, and to work with experiments in our Consumer Lab. Tabea is working at the EBS Business School, which is located in Rheingau, close to Frankfurt, Germany.
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