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The Academic Celebration is one of the biggest events of the year at Karlstad University and a long-standing tradition. On 20 October it is time again and this year we celebrate passion for research – we present and inauguarate our new Vice-Chancellor Jerker Moodysson during this year's celebration. With great pomp and ceremony we will promote our new doctors, award honorary doctorates and inaugurate our new professors.
...teachers of the Early Years Education Programme at Karlstad University…you are going to Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, in October on an ERASMUS exchange. You are also meeting with a commission of the Australian Government tasked with reviewing the country’s preschool education.
The situation surrounding the course Intercultural studies: race and whiteness in Sweden, which has attracted a lot of media attention, has led to a report being filed with the Disciplinary Board of Karlstad University. The report was entered in the registry on Thursday and will be processed promptly.
We have received information that there is an ongoing phishing campaign targeting students. We therefore urge you to be extra cautious when receiving emails with links and instructions to click on these links to log in with your username and password. Always use the links on when logging in to, for example, Canvas and My Kau, and not links provided in emails.

Full house 13–14 June

News » 2023-06-07
On 13–14 June, Karlstad University hosts Framtidens Lärande Väst (Future Learning West). The event is fully booked, which means that more than 2,000 people will be attending. Note: We recommend that you bring your own lunch box and that you bear in mind that the parking area might be busy. Two rows of the parking area north of the library are reserved for the 2-day event. How can municipalities, schools and teachers create successful school development in a digital age?
Internationalisation is one of Karlstad University’s six strategic goals. The university promotes internationalisation in various ways, with regard to both teachers and students. Erasmus + ICM provides the opportunity for students to travel to countries outside of Europe in order to conduct field studies and complete degree projects. Two students at Karlstad University’s nursing programme have visited Believers Church Medical Hospital, BCMCH, in Kerala, India.
Researchers at the Centre for Social Risk Research (CSR) at Karlstad University have conducted a study about app-guided climate walks as a way of conveying knowledge about climate change and its effects. The study was made on behalf of SMHI and is funded by the special SMHI grants aimed at promoting climate change adaptation efforts.
CRE8® is a model for innovation-challenge events, developed by the Grants and Innovation Office at Karlstad University. A public or private organization provides a real-world operational challenge to which teams of students try to find solutions. Since it was first introduced in 2017, the CRE8® model has become a very successful concept. With funding from Erasmus+, Karlstad University is now training facilitators to run CRE8® events around Europe.
The process of recruiting a new vice-chancellor at Karlstad University is progressing. The recruitment group has unanimous decided to go ahead with professor Jerker Moodysson, the candidate assessed to have the highest merits in regards to the requirement profile. He is Professor and his work focuses on the geography of innovation and the dynamics of regional economies.
From today, 9 February, the majority of the Covid-19 restrictions concerning the university’s activities will be lifted. This means that we can begin a gradual return to normal on-campus teaching.
Per-Ola Wiklander, Senior Lecturer in Public Law and Programme Director at Karlstad Business School, is pleased with the development of the law programme. And the students find jobs right away. - I have been involved from the start as a teacher and I took on the role of programme director 2.5 years ago. It has been quite a bit of development work, as a degree in law is very comprehensive. Our students have been both ambitious and capable, however.
The Public Health Agency’s general guidelines concerning our shared responsibility in preventing the spread of infection is removed on 29 September. This means longer opening hours on campus and that all rooms on the premises can be used as before.
On 1 June, the distance learning recommendation for universities and university colleges is lifted. Teaching and examinations can now gradually start to be held on campus to a larger extent, albeit under restrictions to reduce crowding and the risk of infection.
Vice-chancellor Johan Sterte has made a new decision regarding teaching in the current pandemic. The decision is made to allow the University’s organisation to prepare for a gradual return to campus. As a general rule, distance teaching and examination will continue in the autumn semester of 2021.
Karlstad University extends the decision on distance education. As a general rule, examination and teaching will take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Most of the teaching and examinations at Karlstad University will continue to take place remotely during the spring term 2021. Placements (VFU) are, however, exempt from this general rule.
The fall semester 2020 can start with campus teaching for new students on programs, has the Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte decided. Elements that are crucial for student progression and must be implemented on campus, will also be prioritized. But the start this fall will not be quite as usual.
Last Thursday international students received diploma at a farewell ceremony for those who had studied at Karlstad University for one semester. Matthew Argier and Ryan Moore from Canada Kanada return home with many new experiences. Every semester there is a farewell ceremony for international students at Karlstad University and last Thursday pro vice chancellor Thomas Blom presented diplomas to them. The ceremony was followed by mingling and entertainment.