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You and an ensemble from Musikhögskolan Ingesund traditionally played during the Polar Music Prize earlier this week. Where and when did you play in connection to the award ceremony? “We played at the beginning of the red carpet outside the Grand Hotel as all the guests arrived, from 4:00 PM and for a good hour until the royal family arrived.  How did it feel to play for all of Sweden’s music elite, as well as for the award winners and other musicians who flew in? “It was
Jenny Wilson is an internationally known Swedish indie musician, artist, and not least, producer. Her music is electro-influenced and energetic, and her lyrics are confrontational, often critical of society. At the same time, she does not shy away from being very vulnerable and personal, which is a significant part of her expression.
Our alumna Julia Bengtson from Borlänge has an extensive music education, having studied at Musikkonservatoriet Falun, exchange studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and not least a degree in Music Production at Ingesund School of Music. Currently, she is studying music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Was it always clear to you that you wanted to be a musician and producer? "Absolutely not.
In 2023, Ingesund School of Music recruited a professor in music education. Her curiosity in improvised music has been a driving force and inspiration since childhood. Something which she is happy to share with future music teachers. Her name is Guro Gravem Johansen. Guro Gravem Johansen comes from a small town in a rural part of northern Norway. When the other children played football, she would sing and play the piano in her room.
Would you like to escape the daily routine for a few minutes and shut out the outside world? Experience an installation where music and technology blend visually and auditorily on December 13th at Musikhögskolan Ingesund and on December 14th in the lobby of the auditorium at Karlstad University.
The other weekend, the Ingesund School of Music celebrated its 100th anniversary for two days. They hosted a grand concert featuring several guest artists, as well as Ingesund's large symphony orchestra and soloists.
The Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has now revealed this year’s 100 List, consisting of research projects that are deemed to have great potential to create value through commercialisation, business and method development, or societal impact.
With more than 200 released productions that have sold millions of copies, the co-founder of Silence Records and Silence studio, Anders Lind, is one of Sweden’s greatest music producers. He now receives an honorary doctorate from Karlstad University for his accomplishments. Anders Lind is one of the founders of the record company Silence Records and the Silence studio in Koppom, Värmland. He has his roots in the Swedish music movement and is a pillar of Swedish progg.
In anticipation of beautiful May, singing students at Ingesund School of Music and the school's symphony orchestra invite you to two concerts that promise popular music work with the history of Swedish composers as theme.
Nordtrad is a folk music conference for students and teachers in higher music education from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The conference is arranged every year in rotation by different host schools, and in 2023 Ingesund School of Music is the proud organizer. During the week, students from seven different countries are invited to participate in lectures, workshops, concerts, field trips, jam sessions and fellowship.
The musician Judith Kleinman will come to the Ingesund Academy of Music at the end of March to teach ergonomics for musicians. Her teaching is based on the Alexander Technique and the visit takes place within the framework of a teacher exchange within Erasmus. Judith Kleinman is a musician who studied at the Guildhall School of Music.
Many of the music teachers who are active today studied at Ingesund School of Music. One of these teachers is Henrik Bengtsson, who graduated in 2016. Today, he teaches music in a primary and lower-secondary school in Trollhättan. In addition, he also works as a freelance musician, on his own as well as together with his wife, who also studied at Ingesund. To be able to apply a broad approach as a music teacher is important to Henrik.
This autumn, it's time – we start our new Master Programme in Music. Here, in close collaboration with our three professors in voice, piano and string instruments, you get the opportunity to develop as a musician and deepen your artistic skills, your craft and your id. You, who aim high in your career and already have a bachelor's degree in music from us or another music school have the opportunity to apply for our master’s program.
In 2016, Karlstad University was given the right to issue a Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ingesund School of Music. The experiences gained from that application process were then utilised in a new application for a Degree of Master of Fine Arts, which was submitted to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ. The application has now been approved and Ingesund School of Music can issue a master’s degree.
Last autumn we had a visit from this little fellow at Ingesund. It's not a Martian, but a camera that takes pictures in 360-degree format for Google. So now you can take a tour of our fine premises. Did you know that we have a total of 50 practice rooms, two concert halls, our own bistro and a library? Warm welcome! Take tour of the Ingesund School of Music on Google. See left column.