• 2024-06-19

    "Hello there, Indra Nielsen and Elin Emanuelsson, students in the Bachelor Programme in Music…

    …you will spend the fall at Kulturhuset Spira in Jönköping for the production of Carmen. And with none other than Rickard Söderberg in the lead role. Exciting! What will you be doing?

    “We have been offered an internship to sing the roles of Frasquita (soprano) and Mercédès (mezzo-soprano) - Carmen’s close friends. It will be a concert version with scenic elements. We will spend three intensive weeks rehearsing in Jönköping leading up to the three performances on 12/9, 14/9, and 15/9. An alumnus from Ingesund, Arvid Emilsson, will participate as Remendado (tenor).”

  • 2024-05-24

    Hello there, Fanny Andersson, student at the Music Teacher Programme...

    You and an ensemble from Musikhögskolan Ingesund traditionally played during the Polar Music Prize earlier this week.

    Where and when did you play in connection to the award ceremony?

    “We played at the beginning of the red carpet outside the Grand Hotel as all the guests arrived, from 4:00 PM and for a good hour until the royal family arrived. 

    How did it feel to play for all of Sweden’s music elite, as well as for the award winners and other musicians who flew in?

  • 2024-05-22

    Ingesund student successful in international music competition

    The student and pianist Gabriele Strata has achieved great success at the prestigious 2024 Concours Musical International de Montréal, CMIM. He has been awarded the competition’s second prize, as well as the audience award and chamber music prize, marking a significant milestone in his musical career.

    Gabriele Strata is studying on the one-year Artist Diploma course at Musikhögskolan Ingesund, a post-master course dedicated to artistic development for world-class artists. Under the guidance of Professor Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist and other distinguished teachers, he has refined his craft and demonstrated exceptional artistry and technical skill.

  • 2024-05-03

    Music Producer Becomes Guest Professor

    Jenny Wilson is an internationally known Swedish indie musician, artist, and not least, producer. Her music is electro-influenced and energetic, and her lyrics are confrontational, often critical of society. At the same time, she does not shy away from being very vulnerable and personal, which is a significant part of her expression. The Ingesund School of Music and the subject of music production are pleased to welcome her as Guest rofessor in music production, focusing on songwriting under the wings of the Wettergren Foundation.

    In the autumn of 2018, the college programme for music production on an artistic basis was established. In the autumn of 2022, the Music production programme expanded to a bachelor’s program. Ingesund School of Music has for many years received funds from the Wettergren Foundation that has significantly contributed to the development that has taken place over more than a decade.

  • 2024-03-08

    Hard work, patience and dedication the recipe for success

    Our alumna Julia Bengtson from Borlänge has an extensive music education, having studied at Musikkonservatoriet Falun, exchange studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and not least a degree in Music Production at Ingesund School of Music. Currently, she is studying music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

    Was it always clear to you that you wanted to be a musician and producer?

  • 2024-01-11

    New professor explains the art of teaching improvised music

    In 2023, Ingesund School of Music recruited a professor in music education. Her curiosity in improvised music has been a driving force and inspiration since childhood. Something which she is happy to share with future music teachers. Her name is Guro Gravem Johansen.

    Guro Gravem Johansen comes from a small town in a rural part of northern Norway. When the other children played football, she would sing and play the piano in her room. She also played the euphonium, a smaller version of the tuba, in the school orchestra. At home, her parents were keen singers and loved to sing old traditional Swedish songs.