• 2024-03-28

    Crisis communication with an “invisible” population

    People who own or have access to a holiday home are called “the invisible population” because they can be difficult to reach in the event of a crisis. Geomedia researchers at Karlstad University emphasise the importance of increasing the knowledge regarding how crisis communication from authorities needs to reach temporary populations.

    Holiday homes are a significant part of Swedish tourism. There are approximately 660,000 holiday homes in Sweden, and about half of the population have access to one – either by owning one or using one that is owned by family or friends.

  • 2024-02-09

    The elusiveness of air - a financial asset that can help shaping environmental politics

    Xin Liu, senior lecturer in gender studies at Karlstad University, receives funding for her research from Geomedia to write the book ”Making Air Smart: The Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Atmospheric Data”.

    Xin Liu, in what way is this project connected to Geomedia?

  • 2023-12-13

    Geomedia summary 2023

    It's time to look back on 2023 – the second year for the Center for Geomedia Studies. First and foremost, I want to thank you for all the valuable contributions and efforts that collectively build our shared research environment!

    The examples below, taken from our news feed, provide a glimpse of what we were up to during 2023. But much more also took place.

  • 2023-09-19

    Hope and hopeful trends in our contemporary digitalised world at the focus of this year’s Geomedia conference

    This year’s international Geomedia conference is held 20–22 September in Tampere, Finland, under the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”. Eleven people from Karlstad University will take part in the conference, which is organised in collaboration with Tampere University.

    André Jansson, Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Director of the Center for Geomedia Studies (Geomedia) at Karlstads University, tell us more about the theme “Digital Geographies of Hope”

  • 2023-09-12

    The different faces and latency of activism

    - Propaganda is what media and communication research has focused on in Russia – the discourse that I’m looking at was fairly unexplored before the start of the war, says Svetlana Chuikina.

    In her doctoral thesis, “(Re)constructing Russian anti-war movements. From practices of engagement towards frontier infrastructures”, Svetlana Chuikina, doctoral student in Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, explores how activism in Russia has been constructed over a ten-year period. Activism that for obvious reasons must operate in the dark.

  • 2023-09-06

    Installation lecture Ander Visiting Professor in Geomedia, Pablo Abend

    The Mediatization of Space through navigational interfaces, or: the digital map as a symptom of (almost) everything that has happened with media.

    After a phase of “spatial forgetfulness,” media and communication studies have revisited the intersection of media, space, and place, challenging earlier views of media inherently transcending geographical constrains leading to spatial annihilation and the disappearance of distance. This new focus has coalesced into the evolving field of “geomedia studies,” which goes beyond its original focus on geographical visualizations to explore all intermediaries that influence the complex relationships among space, place, people, and objects. 

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