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Karlstad researcher contributed to processing patient data more securely

Karlstad researcher discussed future challenges at IEEE Infocom

Karlstad university expands digital top education courses

Karlstad vecka

Karlstad week

Karlstad's Innovation Park had an Ozlab demo by students

Karlstadstudents to SIDeR 2016

Karlstad’s best programmers crowned

Katarina Katz

Katarina Katz

Katarina Plank

Katarina Ribaeus

Katharina Meding, Paderborn

Katrin Lättman

Katrin Lättman awarded prize at young researcher competition, TRA VISIONS 2018

Kau card

KauID - student account

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Kenneth Nordgren

Kenneth Nordgren

Kenneth Nordgren, Professor of Social Science Education

Kent Fredholm

Kerstin Andersson

Kerstin Göransson