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Forskning » Samarbeta med forskare » Innovationssamverkan is a web site where research results that can be licensed from the four universities are marketed. At Karlstad Universitet, Grants and Innovation Office is coordinator for links research and business. It is a website where licensable research results from universities can be marketed and made accessible to society beyond the academy.

About our education

HHK » Utbildning » Att läsa på HHK » Ny student
Around 2 500 students study at Karlstad Business School. They study undergraduate programmes, masters' programmes or doctoral studies. Karlstad Business School educate responsible leaders and conduct research that makes an impact. This is part of our mission statement and is emphasized in our expected outcome to offer the labour market competent, reflective, and responsible professionals.

About our research

Informatik » Forskning och samverkan » Forskning » Forskning inom Informatik
Our research embrace both traditional areas of e-services to new phenomena related to information system research, including strategies and business processes at the organizational level and individual-level usability and integrity. Much of our research revolves around various aspects of e-services. E-services have the ability to increase organizational efficiency, reduce costs, attract new customers and improve customer service in both private and public organizations.

About our seminars

Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap » Seminarier
Media and Communication Studies in Karlstad arranges several different types of seminars, the most common of which are research seminars, journalism seminars, and Geomedia speaker series. Our research seminars feature visits from external guests as well as presentations of in-house research that is conducted in the subject. The journalism seminar is a collaboration with the Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander foundation for media research and is usually arranged once each term.

About professional skills

HHK » Utbildning » Professional skills
There is above all one thing we would like you to remember about Karlstad Business School. Knowledge is worth nothing without the ability to use it. Our students develop this ability through practical problem solving, skills training and academic-industrial cooperation. We call it Professional skills.

About research at CRS

CRS » Forskning
The main societal challenge addressed by the CRS is regional development in a broad sense, especially uneven regional and sustainable development and asymmetrical power relations Through cross-disciplinary research, the CRS investigates processes and changes that cause or prevent uneven regional and sustainable development and asymmetrical power relations.

About research in Geography

Geografi » Forskning
In collaboration with the Centre for Social Science Education (CSD), researchers work with issues related to knowledge formation in Geography in years 4–6 in school. Within this collaborative framework, a national study on school Geography is underway. Go directly to Centrum för de samhällsvetenskapliga ämnenas didaktik, CSD Research group GeoMedia

About research in Media and Communication studies

Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap » Forskning
På Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap vid Karlstads universitet bedriver vi internationellt framstående forskning med särskild inriktning mot frågor i skärningspunkten mellan MKV och geografi. Det kan handla om förhållandet mellan medier och mobilitet, hur medievanor både skapar och skapas av de rum och platser vi rör oss i, eller om hur det lokala och det globala samspelar i det samtida digitaliserade medielandskapet.

About risk management

Risk- och miljöstudier » Om risk- och miljöstudier
Risk management involves handling different types of risk, as well as how we approach risks. The vulnerability of different levels of society to different risks and the ways in which risk is handled are also treated.

About the Student Health Services

Utbildning » Stöd under studierna » Stöd du kan få som student
Counselling is available to all students at Karlstad University free of charge. The Student Health Services has counselors and a health educator. Student Health Services is a complement to other public and private health clinics in Karlstad. We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to life at the University or to a new country if you are an international student. Primarily the Student Health Services works proactively with lifestyle issues and sexual health.

About the conference

Education, Mobility, and Future Challenges
The conference will be held from 29th to 30th August 2018 at Karlstad university, in collaboration with the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research (MCPR) and the UNESCO Chair for Peace and Intercultural Understanding, Banaras Hindu University, as the third session in a series of conferences on Sweden and India. The last two conferences, held at MCPR, Varanasi in April 2017, and in Karlstad June 2016, addressed the topic of Women, Activism and Politics, and marked the beginnin
Applicants have to pass an entrance test for admission to the programmes offered at Ingesund. Here are some entrance test tips from our current students. At Ingesund School of Music, applicants have to pass an entrance test before they are admitted to our programmes. There are different entrance test requirements for the different programmes.

About the journal Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv

Arbetsvetenskap » Arbetsmarknad och Arbetsliv
Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv (Labour Market and Working Life) is a Swedish journal for both debate and research results. The journal is available in Swedish at Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv is a cooperation between Working Life Science at Karlstad Business School and Sociology and Working Life Science at Univeristy of Gothenburg.

About the project

Sola » SOLA
SOLA: SOLution-borne materials for organic electronic Applications Facts: Start: 1/7 2017 End: 30/6 2022 Budget: 28 750 000 SEK Partner Institutions: KaU, CTH, LiU, LU Coordinator: Karlstad University Principle investigators: Ellen Moons, KaU Jan van Stam, KaU Christian Müller, CTH Ergang Wang, CTH Fengling Zhang; LiU Jonas Bergqvist, LiU Ivan Scheblykin, LU Petter Persson, LU