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Workshop - Intimate matters

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October 25-26 2017, Karlstad University The concept of intimacy has a long history in social science. However, it has in recent decades figured in discussions and research on changes in close relation-ships, the shifting boundary between public and private, and the associated shifts in gender relations.

Workshop - Legacies of Social Injustices

Centrum för genusforskning » Aktuellt » Aktuella evenemang
June 19-20 (Tues-Wed) 2018 The Center for Gender Studies, Karlstad University and the research network “Ongoing Legacies of Discrimination and Violence Network” (OLIRN) at the Fay Gale Centre for Gender Studies, University of Adelaide, are organizing a workshop on the legacies of social injustices. We are currently observing an increasingly polarised political landscape in the Western world and beyond.
TheComputer Science department at Karlstads university co-organizes the SAEroCon workshop at the European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) in Cavtat, Croatia, 7 – 11 september.   Software is often developed and maintained for a very long time. The more complex a software system is and the longer it evolves, the more likely the structure and behavior of the system will diverge from the originally intended design.

Workshop at your school?

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Would you like a workshop on second/foreign language oral proficiency testing at your school? Workshops developed and evaluated throughout the project have been deemed successful for application for in-service teacher training, and can now be ordered as professional development (3 – 4 hours) from the Karlstad University Professional Services as professional development for in-service teachers.   Interested in a speaking test workshop at your school?
HITS, the High Quality Networked Services in a Mobile World research project, held its annual workshop 19–20 October.
In October CTF organized a workshop in Karlstad with focus on remote services in the manufacturing industry. IT-based services within manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly common which open up for new ways to interact, but introducing new technology is also a challenge and many questions arise. This was the starting point for the workshop where a number of companies from the manufacturing industry participated.
Welcome to a workshop at Karlstad university, November 25, where we address sustainability and resilience aspects of the interesting city of Baltimore, US. You will meet Kristin Baja, Climate and Resilience Planner at the Baltimore Office of Sustainability. The workshop includes presentations and discussions around how to include and integrate climate adaptation, disaster risk-reduction, energy saving, and empowerment of marginal neighbourhoods in the city planning.


Matematik » Samverkansprojekt » Kinetic Theory and Applications
Coming up: 7th International Workshop on Kinetic Theory & Applications at Karlstad University, 19-21 June, 2017 Previous editions of the workshop: 2014 2007 2005 2003 2002 2001


Statsvetenskapliga förbundets årsmöte 2017 » Deltagande
This year the conference hosts ten workshops, covering different aspects of the political science research field. Here you find information about them as well as contact details for the researchers responsible for each of the workshops. Please note the description below for how to submit an abstract. To submit an abstract for a workshop in which you wish to participate follow the link posted under that particular workshop.

WozARd seminar in Karlstad

News » 2015-06-17
Günter Alce, who recently defended a licentiate thesis in Lund, held a seminar June 17, 2015. Günter and advisers at Sony Mobile and Lund University have developed the WozARd system and has received a couple of study visits from us earlier this academic year. In this seminar, Günter did not only speak about Wizard of Oz for development of Augmented Reality.

Writing an Academic Essay

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The essay is an extremely common type of writing in academic English. Essays are viewed as having a crucial role in developing critical thinking and writing skills. Its organization and structure are different from that of other common types of writing such as reports. Additionally, it has features which are different from those expected in academic writing in other languages.

Writing references

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Writing references When writing a report, essay or other academic text, it is important that you refer and reference the sources you use. All sources, books, articles, information on the web or otherwise, must be acknowledged both in your text and in a reference list. Using someone else's text, ideas or thoughts without specifying the source is not allowed. Learn more about plagiarism Another purpose of a reference list is to enable the reader to locate and verify the sources you have used.

Yishan Gao, Xi'an, China

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Get to know our alumni ambassadors. Don't hesitate to contact them! Yishan Gao TELL US ABOUT YOU: It is my great honor to be selected as the exchange student to study in KaU in 2017. During my stay there, KaU and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs nominated me as “2017 Global Swede”, which could influence my whole lifetime. I felt fortunate to have such an opportunity to communicate with students from the whole world, know their country, culture and language.

Young people’s mental health – A global challenge

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Tuesday 11 June, 2019 An open conference with focus on the mental health of young people in Sweden and internationally. Speeches by prominent researchers from Australia, Canada and the UK. Presentation of CFBUPH's research in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. Local politicians discuss how to prevent young people's mental illness. We celebrate CFBUPH:s 10th anniversary.