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Anne-Maria and Gustaf Ander Foundation for Media Research continues to support CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University. The research center will receive 1,3 million SEK for the period 2014-2017. The money will be used to fund two Visiting Professorships during the next three years at CTF. The Visiting Professors are: Thorsten Gruber, Loughborough University, UK, and Stephen L.
Technical services based on IT solutions are becoming increasingly common in many manufacturing industries, but many questions still remain concerning for example, how it affects relationships, and how to create a profitable business models. The introduction of new technology can also be a challenge that must be addressed, especially if the company operates globally.
Cellulose is produced from pine and fir and can be a future environment-friendly textile fibre, according to a study of cellulose production, presented in a doctoral thesis at Karlstad University in Sweden. The population of the world is increasing and so is the average income, which means that the demand for clothes and other textiles is rising too. The global textile consumption in 2050 is estimated to be three times as high as in 2015.

Farewell Ceremony

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Karlstad University wishes to thank international students for all the time together with a Farewell Ceremony. Next ceremony will be on May 28, 2019 We warmly invite students and staff working within the field of internationalization to take part in this event.  The next ceremony will take place on May 28th, 2019 at 16.15 PM Lagerlöfsalen 1A305 Please register here  Observe that the registration form is just for student that are leaving  the university before summer F

Hello Bo Edvardsson...

News » 2014-09-09
Professor in Business Administration and Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Karlstad University. This spring you were invited to Monterrey Tech and EGADE Business School in Mexico to discuss research and collaboration. Can you tell us about some of your impressions from the trip? - Monterrey Tech, which is considered to be one of the top universities in South America, has well-developed collaboration with other universities, companies and organizations.

Hello Bo Edvardsson...

News » 2014-04-03
… Professor at CTF and Assistant Vice-Chancellor at Karlstad University. You just returned from a month-long visit on New Zealand. What did you do there? - I was Visiting Professor at University of Canterbury. This was in the context of an international teacher and researcher exchange funded by the Erskine Programme.
On December 17th Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation announced the recipients of this autumn’s scholarships. The Foundation promotes Postgraduate studies at foreign universities, and one of the recipients is Henrik öhlin, Ph D student at CTF. Congratulations Henrik, you are one of the recipients of the scholarship! - Thank you! I am both happy and proud to receive this scholarship.
Markus Fellesson has been promoted to Associate Professor in Business Administration at Karlstad University. His areas of research are on customer-, marketing and organization practice within the service sector. In addition to his research at CTF and Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University, he also teaches business administration at Karlstad Business School. Most of his research is conducted within Samot.
What happens when manufacturing companies, who previously focused on products only, begin to focus on services? What challenges are they put up against and how can they face them? This is what Nina Löfbergs thesis is about. Globalization and increased competition from low-cost countries has pushed many Swedish manufacturing companies firms to focus on services rather than only products.
Imagine that you are passing by the store window and through a message in your cell phone you are welcomed into the store, and you also get an offer to buy three products for the price of two. Or, you can easily find your way back to your parked car even though you forgot on which level you parked.
Vinnova has granted 2.7 million SEK for the project ”User-oriented innovation within primary care through innovation groups”, that will be conducted by CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University - We will develop a methodology to increase the level of innovation and to implement innovation in primary care.
Students from the whole world now have the opportunity to apply to a new unique international multidisciplinary training and research programme where doctoral students will reason, design and develop innovative solutions to questions related to the protection of citizens’ privacy.
Ph. D student in Psychology at CTF. You just came back from Bonn, Germany, what did you do there? - I participated in a doctoral course on decision making at Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective. Interesting, can you tell us more about the course? - In the course we studied how to create and test models on how we think when we make decisions.

Popular Music Discourses, 2016

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Welcome to the symposium Popular Music Discourses, arranged by the culture studies group KuFo. For more information, see the attached invitations to the right, or read below. Tuesday 3 May, KuFo hosts a symposium on how we speak about popular music, and how popular music speaks to us.
Within a large European consortium of universities led by TEI in Crete (Greece), we aim to build a coherent methodology to detect at an early stage potential of student failures when learning Calculus and Linear Algebra in their first and second year of university studies. The main role of the Karlstad node is twofold:    organize an industry-academia meet-up where mathematics gets in action to solve relevant problems of our society, involving students at all levels of
The risk management discipline at Karlstad University welcomed this years new students of its master program Risk management in society to the first campus assembly by arranging a "Risk-walk" in Karlstad. The Centre for Climate and Safety has arranged a number of "Flood-walks" over the years as part of our work with development of pedagogic tools.

1. Opening hours

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INFORMATION DESK floor 2   INFORMATION DESK floor 3 Mon - Thurs  8 - 20   Mon - Thurs  8 - 17 Fri  8 - 16   Fri 12 - 16 Sat - Sun 10 - 15       Reading Room The Reading room on the 2nd floor is available during certain hours, even though the library is closed.

10. Study rooms & study cells

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There are approximately 30 study rooms and 20 study cells for individual studies in the Library. Most of them have to be reserved, but there are also some drop-in rooms. Study rooms Study rooms are available in various sizes and have different equipment - some with computer, some with Screens. Most of them have to be reserved, but there are also some drop-in rooms. Study cells The study cells on floor 1 are intended for individual studies and not for teamwork.

11. Reading room

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The Reading Room is located on floor 2, just inside the Library entrance. The Reading room is an open area on the second floor (ground floor) that you may use even after the Library is closed. To get access when the Library is closed you need a KAU-card. In the reading room you will find group work spaces, study rooms and one of the Library's silent reading rooms.

12. Computers & student account

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The computer workstations is primarily intended for students and a student account (KauID) is required to log in. Other visitors can get a temporary guest-login on presentation of a valid photo ID. Computer workstations There are approximately 60 computer workstations in the Library located on floor 1, 2 and 3. The computers are free to use if they are available and they can not be booked. WiFi - Wireless Network You are also able to connect your laptop to the wireless network Eduroam.

13. Copying & printing

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How do I print out? The printing system at Karlstad University is called Kauprint. With Kauprint you can send files to printers online and then pick up your files at any campus printer. The printers can also be used for scanning and emailing files. This is how Kauprint works for students: Paying - In order to print or copy, you need to have sufficient print credits.
On September 18-20th the 1st Workshop on Service Innovation Research was held at University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy. A small group of prominent researchers were invited to create a common agenda for how research in the field of service innovation can be developed. About 30 researchers from Europe and the United States gathered to present and to discuss research. Keynote speaker was Tor.
Don´t miss the 1st Workshop on Service Innovation Research on September 18-20 in Catanzaro, Italy. The conference is hosted by University Magna Graecia of Catanzare in conjunction with CTF. Program and more information here.