• 2016-05-24

    New licentiate Tonje Grahn

    The 13 May licentiate Tonje Grahn sucessfully defended her thesis in Risk- and environmental studies titled "A Nordic perspective on data availability for quantification of losses due to natural hazards".

    As opponent acted professor Kurt Petersen, Safety Analysis and Risk Management, at Lund University.

    Link to Tonjes licentiate thesis in DiVA

  • 2016-05-23

    New licentiate Monika Rydstedt Nyman

    On the 10 May Monika Rydstedt Nyman successfully defended her licentiate thesis titled "Learning and knowledge sharing from management of extreme weather induced impacts on the Swedish transport infrastructure - Case study of the Swedish Transport Administration".

    As opponent acted professor Peter Söderholm, Quality Technology and Management, Luleå University of Technology (to the right in the image) and as examinator professor Ragnar Andersson, Risk Management (to the left).
    Monika Rydstedt Nyman is an externally funded Ph.D student employed at the Swedish Transport Administration and tied to the Center for Climate and Safety (CCS), and to the Centre of Natural Disaster Science (CNDS) research school.

    Link to Monikas licentiate thesis in DiVA


  • 2016-04-08

    Karlstad University researcher in transboundary project

    Researchers in different disciplines have for a long time used models to describe and analyze various ecological, human and societal systems and how those interact. As a specially invited researcher Beatrice Hedelin at the Centre for Climate and Safety, Karlstad University participated at a start-up meeting in the rapidly growing field of research labelled Participatory Modeling.

    - Models enable us to analyse how a system would react to alterative scenarios, examples could be how a river is regulated, effects of increased precipitation, consequences of constructed flood defences or living areas close to the river, Beatrice Hedelin explains.  
    Research with a focus on society

  • 2015-11-05

    CCS mentioned in Times of India

    A CCS-presentation on Swedish climate politics and implementation by our director Mikael Granberg was recently highlighted in the Times of India.

    The Centre for Climate and Safety Director Mikael Granberg has just returned from travelling in India. The purpose of the journey was to create new, and develop existing, collaborations with universities in India, research environments and researchers in CCS field of research: climate related risks and effects of climate change.

  • 2015-10-20

    Monika Rydstedt Nyman presented on a conference in Washington D.C.

    CCS PhD student Monika Rydstedt Nyman and her supervisor Magnus Johansson has participated in a conference in Washington D.C. on Climate Adaptation, organized by The American Transport Research Board.

    Monika gave a presentation on the merits of using industrial investigation methods on natural hazards, exemplified with a case study from a flooded railway tunnel in Sweden in 2013.
    - It was a great conference, many researchers both from Europe and the United States and a significant number of practitioners and consultants working with climate-related hazards in transport and infrastructures.
    Monika is an externally financed PhD at CCS, funded by the Swedish Transport Administration.

    +46 54 700 25 43

  • 2015-09-23

    Bangladesh minister of education visited CCS

    Friday, September 11 Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, the Bangladeshi minister of education visited the Center for Climate and Safety. The delegation visit was part of the programme in a collaboration between Karlstad University Professional Services and LIFE Academy.

    Bangladesh is seen as one of the countries that is affected hardest by climate related risks. Reoccuring floods is one example.
    We told the minister about CCS work and took the opportunity to demonstrate our pedagogic tools. The minister tried our flood model Floodville.
    Photo: Kerstin M. Haraldsson/ Karlstads University Professional Services

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