• 2017-11-08

    Archaeologist and historian affiliated to CRS

    Catarina Karlsson is an archaeologist and historian who is an affiliated researcher at the Centre for regional Studies (CRS) until the autumn of 2021. The purpose of research affiliations is to promote national and international academic exchange.

    Catarina Karlsson’s research area is the history of mining and metallurgy, and she obtained her doctorate in 2015 from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with a thesis entitled “Förlorat järn- det medeltida jordbrukets behov och förbrukning av järn och stål” [“Lost Iron: Demand and consumption of iron and steel in mediaeval agriculture]. She has headed and participated in a number of research projects focused on medieval mining and metallurgy and is currently working at Jernkontoret, where she heads research on the history of mining and metallurgy.