KauNet is an add-on to the well-known Dummynet network emulation software. KauNet extends Dummynet by providing deterministic emulation capabilities. Thus, KauNet is able to provide a much higher level of control for network emulations.

KauNet extends the functionality of Dummynet, by providing per-packet, or per-millisecond, control over the emulated effects using patterns. Patterns can be created using different types of input, e.g. analytical expressions, and are created by a user before the emulation is initiated. Currently, six types of patterns are supported:

  • packet loss patterns
  • bit-error patterns
  • bandwidth change patterns
  • delay change patterns
  • packet reordering patterns
  • trigger patterns for emulation of e.g. cross-layer mechanisms

Thus, KauNet introduces deterministic support for the original KauNet features, as well as new functionality for bit-errors, reordering and cross-layer notifications.

To simplify pattern creation we have developed a pattern generation tool that is able to create patterns from user input, and also to create patterns using mathematical distributions. Furthermore, the tool also let users import data from other sources and create patterns of it.