Karlstad and Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian kingdom of nine million inhabitants, of which almost two million live in and around the capital, Stockholm. The city of Karlstad is situated in a delta on the northern shore of Lake Vänern, in the province of Värmland.

Värmland, one of the twenty-four provinces in Sweden, is known for its forests, lakes and wildlife. The province, bordering on Norway, lies to the north and west of Sweden’s biggest lake, Vänern. The river Klarälven runs through the province, rising in Norway in the north and flowing into Vänern in the south.

The city of Karlstad has just over 80,000 inhabitants and lies at the heart of Scandinavia with Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo within easy reach. It offers the pleasures of a small town and yet is close to the big city.