Exchange students


Only students from higher education institutions with which Karlstad University has an exchange agreement are considered exchange students.

For a student being able to apply, our partner universities first must nominate their students online on Moveonnet. Information about this is sent to all partner universities before the deadline. When the student has been nominated instructions on how and where to apply will be sent directly to the student, with a copy to the coordinator.


The application procedure is the same for all exchange students independent of the type of exchange agreement/program (Erasmus, ISEP; Nordplus, bilateral etc.) Please note that incomplete applications will delay the admission process.

Please fill out all the fields in the on-line application form  (link will be sent to you directly by the International Office after your nomination is approved) correctly and finalize it according to the instructions there. It is important that you read all information under “procedure” first.

Please note that we cannot accept your application if the printout of the online application PDF is not properly finalized as described under the link on the right or if you haven´t added the requested documents. We need your printed and signed application before the deadline. Sending the application online on the deadline would be too late. Scanned applications sent by e-mail are not accepted.

What if something in it needs to be changed?

Then just make another online application from your account using the same user name and password and finalize it properly! If you already have sent a printed and signed paper application and a change is made you need to resend it. Please write by hand where the change is made. Observe that it has to be made within the deadline.